Town of west sweden taxes

First half of property taxes are payable to the local treasurer, Lori Lundquist and are due on January 31st.
Questions can be directed to Lori Lundquist at 715-220-6297.

Second half of property taxes are payable to the Polk County Treasurer, Amanda Nissen and are due July 31st.
The Polk County Treasurer can be reached by phone at 715-485-9255 or by Email.

Please note, if your taxes are paid by an escrow account and the check is for more than your taxes, a refund check will be issued at the next regular board meeting and mailed to you.

You can pay your taxes online at the link below:

- follow the on screen instructions.
Property taxes that others pay in West Sweden are available to view at the same website listed above.
-choose Treasury and then Property Tax Search.