Town of West Sweden History

A bit of West Sweden history…
The Town of West Sweden was organized on Nov. 10, 1873 and was detached from Luck at that time. The town was named aptly, as it was a settlement of Swedes – who were “West of Sweden”.
 The first post office was established soon after, with the earliest postmasters being  Gustaf Blomgren and Carl G. Grimh.  Previous mail for those living in the area had been delivered to the West Denmark post office.

The first town board officers were N.P. (Pete) Johnson serving as Chairman. The only settler who could write English was F.O. Jansson, who served as town clerk for 35 years. He also was “the surveyor”, Justice of the Peace, Sec. of the creamery (which was established in 1894) and storekeeper all at the same time.

The one and only church in West Sweden was established in 1873 by many locals who lived in the area, it is a Lutheran church and before they began this congregation, many had traveled to the Zion Lutheran Church in Trade Lake.  This all-purpose building served as school and a town hall as well, this building was built in 1873 out of logs.  A new church and a new school were built at later dates.  This school located right in “the heart of West Sweden” remained open till 1960.  Other schools were built in West Sweden too, one being the Young Lake School (1873-1902) and the Wood River School (1892-1949).

The Village of Frederic was established in 1901, and West Sweden administered its business and government until Frederic incorporated in 1903.  One of the agreements when Frederic detached from West Sweden was that the town could use the Village’s facilities for meetings and elections. This practice continued until 1991 when West Sweden established its current town hall located on N. 3rd Avenue.

The Soo Line bridge – located on 150th Ave., (which now runs over the Gandy Dancer Trail) was dismantled in 1999 and the new cement tunnel bridge was erected the same year.