Meetings and Minutes

The monthly town board meeting is usually held the 3rd Tuesday of every month, at 6:30 at the town hall. Meeting may vary, check with the clerk or check the notice posted in the Inter-County Leader.

Meeting Archive Files

minutes 11-2008.htm
Special Meeting 11-2017.docx.htm
Special Meeting 11-2015.htm
Special Meeting 10-2011.htm
Special Meeting 09-2010.htm
Special Meeting 08-2009.htm
Special Meeting 02-2009.htm
Special Meeeting 08-2016.htm
Special Meeeting 01-2016.htm
Road Inspection Report 2011.htm
Planning Minutes 08-2009.htm
Planning Committee-Public Hearing 09-2009.htm
Minutes 12-2017.htm
Minutes 12-2016.htm
Minutes 12-2015.htm
Minutes 12-2014.htm
Minutes 12-2013.htm
Minutes 12-2012.htm
Minutes 12-2011.htm
Minutes 12-2009.htm
Minutes 12-2008.htm
Minutes 11-2017.htm
Minutes 11-2016.htm
Minutes 11-2015.htm
Minutes 11-2014.htm
Minutes 11-2013.htm
Minutes 11-2012.htm
Minutes 11-2011.htm
Minutes 11-2010.htm
Minutes 11-2009.htm
Minutes 10-2016.htm
Minutes 10-2015.htm
Minutes 10-2014.htm
Minutes 10-2013.htm
Minutes 10-2012.htm
Minutes 10-2010.htm
Minutes 10-2009.htm
Minutes 10-2008.htm
Minutes 09-2017.htm
Minutes 09-2016.htm
Minutes 09-2015.htm
Minutes 09-2014.htm
Minutes 09-2013.htm
Minutes 09-2012.htm
Minutes 09-2011.htm
Minutes 09-2010.htm
Minutes 09-2009.htm
Minutes 09-2008.htm
Minutes 08-2017.htm
Minutes 08-2016.htm
Minutes 08-2015.htm
Minutes 08-2014.htm
Minutes 08-2013.htm
Minutes 08-2012.htm
Minutes 08-2011.htm
Minutes 08-2010.htm
Minutes 08-2009.htm
Minutes 08-2008.htm
Minutes 07-2017.htm
Minutes 07-2016.htm
Minutes 07-2015.htm
Minutes 07-2014.htm
Minutes 07-2013.htm
Minutes 07-2012.htm
Minutes 07-2011.htm
Minutes 07-2010.htm
Minutes 07-2009.htm
Minutes 07-2008.htm
Minutes 06-2017.docx.htm
Minutes 06-2016.htm
Minutes 06-2015.htm
Minutes 06-2014.docx
Minutes 06-2013.htm
Minutes 06-2012.htm
Minutes 06-2011.htm
Minutes 06-2010.htm
Minutes 06-2009.htm
Minutes 06-2008.htm
Minutes 05-2017.docx.htm
Minutes 05-2016.htm
Minutes 05-2015.htm
Minutes 05-2014.docx
Minutes 05-2013.htm
Minutes 05-2012.htm
Minutes 05-2011.htm
Minutes 05-2010.htm
Minutes 05-2009.htm
Minutes 05-2008.htm
Minutes 04-2017.docx.htm
Minutes 04-2016.htm
Minutes 04-2015.htm
Minutes 04-2014.htm
Minutes 04-2013.htm
Minutes 04-2012.htm
Minutes 04-2011.htm
Minutes 04-2010.htm
Minutes 04-2009.htm
Minutes 04-2008.htm
Minutes 03-2017.htm
Minutes 03-2016.htm
Minutes 03-2015.htm
Minutes 03-2014.htm
Minutes 03-2013.htm
Minutes 03-2012.htm
Minutes 03-2011.htm
Minutes 03-2010.htm
Minutes 03-2009.htm
Minutes 03-2008.htm
Minutes 02-2017.htm
Minutes 02-2016.htm
Minutes 02-2015.htm
Minutes 02-2014.htm
Minutes 02-2013.htm
Minutes 02-2012 .htm
Minutes 02-2010.htm
Minutes 02-2009.htm
Minutes 02-2008.htm
Minutes 01-2017.htm
Minutes 01-2016.htm
Minutes 01-2015.htm
Minutes 01-2014.htm
Minutes 01-2013.htm
Minutes 01-2012.htm
Minutes 01-2011.htm
Minutes 01-2010.htm
Minutes 01-2009.htm
Budget Hearing and Special Meeting 11-2017.docx.htm
Budget Hearing and Special Meeting 11-2016.htm
Budget Hearing and Special Meeting 11-2015.htm
Budget Hearing and Special Meeting 11-2013.htm
Budget Hearing and Special Meeting 11-2011.htm
Annual Meeting 2017.htm
Annual Meeting 2016.htm
Annual Meeting 2015.htm
Annual Meeting 2014.htm
Annual Meeting 2013.htm
Annual Meeting 2012.htm
Annual Meeting 2010.htm